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We are bad ass! February 26, 2012

Posted by starshipexercise in General Exercise.

Walking Seward Park on Sunday mornings with the girls has become one of the highlights of my week. This week, we didn’t think it would happen due to other social engagements, but last night Jennifer and I realized that we would be able to walk after all. So we dutifully met at Seward Park at 11 AM. Being winter in Seattle, you would expect a little misty rain. What we got was hail. On the plus side, when the stuff falling from the sky is frozen, it mostly just bounces off of you. On the downside, when you’re walking into a headwind, it bounces off your face.

The storm system had passed over my house very quickly earlier in the morning, so I assured Jennifer it would get better quickly. About a quarter of the way through it got worse.  I then assured Jennifer that we are bad ass for walking despite the hail bouncing off our foreheads.  I must have sounded like I knew what I was talking about, because she seemed to buy it.  More likely, she was just humoring me.

Well, we’ll just keep telling ourselves that we’re bad ass.  Whatever it takes to get through the day, right?



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